This cookie keeps track of the user’s consent to the use of cookies on this site so that the Cookie Policy and consent request are not displayed again on subsequent visitsWhat are cookies?

The site uses cookies. As explained by the Italian Data Protection Authority in its FAQs of December 2012, available on, cookies are “small text files” – made up of letters and numbers – “that sites visited by the user send to their terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored and then retransmitted to the same sites the next time the same user visit them”. Cookies have the purpose of streamlining web traffic analysis or signalling when a specific site or part of a site is visited, distinguishing between visitors in order to provide customised content and helping administrators to improve the site and the users’ browsing experience. For the sake of simplicity, the term Cookies in this document refers also to other similar technologies such as Beacons and Pixels.

Cookies do not allow us to access any other information stored on the user’s device, although this is where the cookies are downloaded. Cookies cannot load codes of any kind, carry viruses or malware and are not harmful to the user’s terminal equipment.

Below is all the information about the cookies installed through this website and the necessary guidance on how to manage the user’s preferences in this respect.

User’s consent

The first time the user visits any page of, a short notice on the use of cookies will be displayed.

Through the selection tools available, the user can select or deselect the categories of cookies they wish to authorise in order to benefit from the possibilities they offer when browsing. By clicking on the “Accept all cookies” button the user consents to our use of all cookies on the site as described in this Cookie Policy. By clicking on the “Accept selected cookies” button the user consents to our use of the selected cookies as described in this Cookie Policy. By clicking on “Reject unnecessary cookies” button the user refuses the use of cookies other than the technical ones which are strictly functional for the use of the site.

The site remembers the choice made by the user on the device used for 12 months, so the short notice will not be displayed again in subsequent connections from the same device. However, the user can always revoke all or part of their consent, as explained in the section “Configuring your terminal”.

In case of technical problems in providing consent, please contact us through the appropriate channels on this site for support.

The types of cookies we use

The use of cookies by the Owner of this website, LOFARMA S.p.A. (hereinafter, “LOFARMA”), with registered office in Milan, Viale Cassala 40, is part of the Privacy Policy of the same; for all the information required by Articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 679/2016 click here.

When browsing this site, the user will receive both LOFARMA cookies, known as first-party cookies, and cookies from third-party sites, which may set cookies on the user’s device on our behalf in order to provide the services they are providing.

For the purposes of using this site and providing our services, we use both so-called persistent cookies (i.e., cookies that are stored until manually deleted by the user or that are scheduled for long-term removal) and so-called session cookies, which are not stored persistently on the visitor’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed.

The different types of cookies – with specific functions – that we use can be classified as follows:



Technical/session cookiee

(The issue of this type of cookies does not require the user’s consent)

They are essential for the proper operation of our site and allow the user to browse and view the content. Deactivating them would lead to site malfunctioning.


Technical/browsing cookies

(The issue of this type of cookies does not require the user’s consent)

Generally, these cookies are necessary, for example, to keep a browsing session open or to allow the user to access restricted areas. Or they can temporarily remember texts entered while filling in a form when returning to a previous page during the same session.

Technical/functionality cookies

(The issue of this type of cookies does not require the user’s consent)

They allow the user to make the most of the site’s features and enjoy more comfortable browsing. The site works better if these cookies are enabled; however, the user can choose not to allow them on their device. In general, for example, cookies of this type remember in which language the user prefers to view our content, the layout selected or (for a limited period) the items in the shopping cart if the user closes the session before completing the purchase.


Statistical/analytics cookies

(The issue of this type of cookies, which are set up to anonymise users, does not require the user’s consent))

These cookies are used to collect information on how users browse our site. This information is analysed in an aggregated and anonymised form for statistical purposes only. They are not necessary, but they help us improve our content and services according to the information obtained from the analysis of the statistics.

Technical/consent cookie

(The issue of this type of cookies does not require the user’s consent)

This cookie keeps track of the user’s consent to the use of cookies on this site so that the Cookie Policy and consent request are not displayed again on subsequent visits.



Third-party cookies allow for more comprehensive surveys of users’ browsing habits. We use these cookies, for example, to manage our advertising and content customisation campaigns, as well as to compile statistics on the use of our site and assess the user’s interest in our content or services. More detailed information on these cookies is available in the tables of this document and the relevant websites of the third parties concerned.


Tracking and advertising conversion cookies

(The issue of this type of cookies requires the user’s consent)

They are used, through the correlation of navigations, to optimise our advertising campaigns on the site, other sites or the major social networks and to check their effectiveness.

Statistics cookie uses Slimstat Analytics, a web traffic analysis service integrated with the WordPress platform – used to generate the site – and which uses cookies to collect and analyse in aggregate form information relating to users’ browsing. Neither LOFARMA nor WordPress associate the user’s IP address with any other data in their possession in order to identify the user directly.

The information collected is processed directly by LOFARMA’s systems in order to draw up reports for the administrators of, who use them to check the correct functioning of the services and, if necessary, the satisfaction rate of the contents offered.

Tracking and advertising conversion uses the Facebook pixel, an analytical tool that enables LOFARMA to measure the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns on Facebook and show the site users the advertisements that are of most interest to them, on this site or on the social network, based on their browsing activities. If a user of the social network visits this site while logged into their account, this information may be associated with their account.

Configuring your terminal

If the user does not agree with the installation of cookies, they shall configure their browser to disable the receipt of cookies or not use this site. However, if the user disables the cookies, the site or some of its functions may not work properly.

In order to change the way in which cookies are used, block the receipt of cookies or delete the cookies on the terminal, simply go to your browser settings. Most browsers provide the possibility of accepting or rejecting all cookies or accepting only some cookies (e.g., from specific sites).

Although the steps to be used are similar, the method of setting up cookies varies for each browser. For further information on the procedure, please visit or consult the “Help” section of your browser.

For more information on cookies and to manage your preferences for third-party cookies, please visit

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