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Lofarma biotechnology to fight moulds-allergy with drops

Lofarma has developed a unique biotechnology to improve the safety profile and bioavailability of allergen immunotherapy for Alternaria, one of the most allergenic moulds responsible for rhinitis and asthma. The treatment is based on a specific chemical modification by which the native allergen is transformed into a monomeric allergoid. The biotechnology applied to get this immunotherapy acts on a specific aminoacid. It is crucial not only for the affinity with specific IgEs, responsible for side effects, but also as target of the proteolytic enzymes, responsible for the biodegradation of immunotherapy. The pharmacokinetic properties and bioavailability confer to this monomeric allergoid both a rapid onset of clinical benefits and enhanced safety.
Lofarma has commercialized the unique allergoid immunotherapy, currently on the market, for Alternaria allergy. This process doesn’t change nor the molecular size, neither structure of the original allergen. This technology aims to the efficacy and the tolerability of the allergy immunotherapy as well as the safety profile.
Founded in 1945 and based in Milan, Lofarma is an important allergy company. It has also representative offices in Albania, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, South Korea, Portugal, and, recently, also in the Russian Federation. Lofarma produces allergy immunotherapies, allergy diagnostics, medical devices and branded pharmaceuticals.