Lofarma respirare è vivere
Lofarma respirare è vivere


Notiziario Allergologico is a quarterly publication for updates in the field of Allergology and related disciplines, aimed at Physicians and Researchers. Notiziario Allergologico does not publish experimental articles, but updates and reviews agreed upon with the Editor in Chief and Authors, both in content and length. The statements and opinions expressed in the articles are those of the Authors and do not necessarily express the views of the Editor in Chief or the Editorial Staff


  • Manuscripts for publication should be sent by e-mail to: redazione@lofarma.it. In manuscripts, in addition to the Authors’ full name, the Authors’ affiliation and the mailing address of the Author to whom the drafts will be sent must be indicated.


  • The text should be in Word or similar format, without using specific layout programs.


  • Illustrations, photographs and tables should be saved and sent in separate files (JPG, TIFF, PDF formats).



Each article will be preceded by a short summary (250 words, 1.700 characters including spaces) and a larger summary in English (450 words, 3.000 characters including spaces).

 Keywords: the list of 4-8 keywords should highlight the most significant topics covered in the paper.



The bibliography will be written according to the directions below:


  • Works appeared in periodicals: last name and initial of Authors’ first name, title of the work, abbreviated title of the periodical, year, volume number, starting and ending pages.

Ex: Holt PG – Mucosal immunity in relation to the development of oral tolerance/sensitization. Allergy 1998;4:16-19.


  • Monographs and treatises: authors’ last name and first initial, title, publisher, place and year of publication.

Ex: Errigo E – Allergic diseases. Etiopathogenesis, diagnostics and therapy. Lombardo Editore, Rome, 1994.


  • Works published as chapters of volumes: give surname and initial of the Authors’ names, title of the chapter, title of the volume in which the work is published, preceded by the indication of the Editor, and followed by that of the Publisher, place and year of publication, opening and closing page of the cited chapter.

Ex: Philips SP, Whisnant JP – Hypertension and stroke. In: Laragh JH, Brenner BM (Eds.) Hypertension: pathophysiology, diagnosis and management. 2nd ed., New York, Raven Press, 1995, p. 465-478.


The bibliography will be arranged in order of citation throughout the text, and each citation will be marked with a sequential identification number. In special cases, if the bibliography consists of summary journals, treatises, monographs and is limited to a few entries, it will not be cited in the text but grouped at the end of the paper under the heading “Recommended Readings.” Journal titles should be abbreviated according to the Cumulated Index Medicus.



Each pharmaceutical compound should be cited according to its chemical name and/or its international nonproprietary name, avoiding citing the brand name. The latter may be mentioned only if unavoidable and with the initial letter capitalized.




Abbreviations and symbols used, according to the standards given in Science 1954; 120: 1078.

Once defined, they can be used as such throughout the text.



First drafts will be sent to the first Author unless otherwise indicated. Second drafts will be corrected in the Editorial Office. Drafts must be returned in the space of seven days from the date of arrival, with the Author’s approval.